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Research in Tsuji lab. is performed in Tanaka lab. now.

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Complex Particulate Systems, Department of Mechanophysics Engineering
Osaka University

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The outline of research

Complex systems with many particles moving, colliding and contacting each other attract attention as a new research area. Examples of these complex systems are from natural phenomena such as asteroids, avalanches, and sand motion in deserts to particulate flows in various kinds of industrial facilities. Conventional analyses dealing with these particulate flows regard an assemblage of particles as a fluid. Unfortunately several assumptions are needed to solve equations in such approaches. As a result, research of each particulate flow has developed using methodology special to the flow. Due to remarkable computer power in recent years, it has become possible to calculate motion of individual particles based on rigorous and simple equations and to obtain entire motion as statistical properties of results of individual particles. This approach is called "discrete particle method" which is easy to understand because it uses mathematical models expressing actual phenomena as we see. Currently Tsuji Laboratory deals with particulate flows in fluidized beds but it is interested in any kinds of complex particulate flows.


 The Society of Powder Technology, Japan
 The Association of Powder Process Industry & Engineering Japan
 The Information Center of Particle Technology
 Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation
 International Table Tennis Federation

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